Data Scientist Medior

Bruxelles, Belgium


Data Scientist Medior

RealDev is a dynamic Technology and Management Consulting Group located in Belgium. Our teams have taken on multiple consulting projects, assisting in the development of leading competitors in various sectors.We are committed to finding efficient solutions for sustainable growth and profit.Our positive, motivated, and challenging team environment is seeking talented expert.

Job description

The role of Data Scientist Medior requires various tasks to be completed efficiently and effectively.

This is an opportunity to learn and grow professionally within our expanding organization, develop skills, and be part of an exciting breakout industry. 

As a Data Scientist, you will be in charge of supporting the grid development of the company and its market adequacy.

You will be asked to complete the following missions:

  • Extend existing I/O tools of the ANTARES simulator with new functionality

    • Add new items/modules to the input scripts like hydro, batteries, …

  • Increase robustness of existing tools

    • Add data validation to better deal with missing data

    • Increase reproducibility by setting up a user repository independent fork of a tool using rat pack

  • Increase tool flexibility

    • Create frontends (excel based, shiny app) to set up tool suites

  • Automate data handling

    • Create a tool that creates country specific generation reference sheets based on ENTSO-E’s PEMMDB 3.0 database (Excel based)

  • Gather data from External platforms

    • Automate reading data from external market platforms such as the Transparency Platform from ENTSO-E or TSO/market participants

  • Extend the team’s VBA add-in to increase VBA scripting efficiency

    • Many functions used by the team are needed in different scripts. The team has started to collect those in an add-in for VBA/Excel. Further develop the approach and add relevant functions to the add-in such as 

      creating subroutines that automatically uniformly format graphs to increase consistency in reports.

  • Handle large amount of output data to generate pre-defined indicators

    • Depending on the needs, the consultant will be assigned some tasks to calculate indicators in R from simulation outputs

  • Visualization of results with maps, graphs that are flexible and can be adapted to any study

    • Develop a toolchain to visualize any simulation data on maps.

You will work in a team composed of 6 people working for the "Grid Development" department. This team is responsible for :

  • Conducting adequacy studies

    • Strategic Reserve volume determination for next winters

    • 10 year adequacy and flexibility study

    • European adequacy assessments (MAF, PLEF)

    • Part of design of the future Capacity Remuneration Mechanisme (CRM) in Belgium

  • Conduction market studies for interconnection

    • Ten year network development plan simulations

    • Economic assessment of further border and internal grid reinforcements

    • Developing a "flow based" approach for long term market studies

  • Scenario quantification and database maintenance

    • Follow the market developments in Belgium and Europe to quantify future scenarios for the electricity/energy system (up to 2050)

    • Maintain databases with historical and future/forecasted data

    • Creation of tools and methods to forecast data

  • Vision studies

    • Evaluating future market design options for the electricity trades

    • Other studies depending on the company's priorities (offshore gris, global gris, P2X, ...)

  • Ad-hoc requests internatl/external

    • Provinding input/answers to questions on future of the system

    • External representation to different conferences/meetings when needed.

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Applied Information Technology is a plus

  • Good knowledge of R, particularly the data table, tidyverse packages

  • Good knowledge of VBA & Excel

  • Prior knowledge of energy markets, or economical dispatch is a plus

  • Knowledge of the flowbased electricity market coupling process is a plus

  • Knowledge of QGIS, similar GIS software or equivalent R packages is a plus

  • Knowledge of Github is a plus

  • English : Fluent

  • Dutch : a big plus

  • French : a big plus

  • Contract Type : Project

  • Duration : 9 months

  • Location of Project : Brussels


At RealDev, we are seeking to expand our team of experts by investing in individuals who are capable of taking on challenging projects. We’re offering exciting positions in a dynamic and professional company. Our positions provide great opportunities to develop your career while working in driven environments and industries with sector leaders.