Datacom Project and Program Manager

Bruxelles, Belgium


Datacom Project and Program Manager

RealDev is a dynamic Technology and Management Consulting Group located in Belgium. Our teams have taken on multiple consulting projects, assisting in the development of leading competitors in various sectors.We are committed to finding efficient solutions for sustainable growth and profit.Our positive, motivated, and challenging team environment is seeking talented expert.

Job description

The role of Datacom project Manager requires various tasks to be completed efficiently and effectively.

The datacom team is, amongst others, responsible for deployment of telecommunication technologies such as recent IP/MPLS technology as well as legacy PDH, SDH technologies. In the context of these deployments, the roll out and program manager will take care of following tasks:

  • Project Scoping :  

    • Roll-out planning of technology platforms in our customer's substations, such as TDM technology, in close collaboration with Datacom network architects and other departments;

    • Identification of the critical path and safeguarding timing;

    • Identification of interaction with other Datacom-projects; 

    • Resource planning;

    • Risk assessment;

    • Guiding procurement process;

    • Safeguarding and managing the scope in case of new requests.

  • Program Management :

    • Setup project and program methodology and tooling, for reporting, etc.;

    • Identify interaction with related departments and internal customers, setting up recurrent joint steering meetings inside and outside the project team;

    • Setup and maintain fluent collaboration between all stakeholders, inside and outside the Datacom department;

    • Identify problems with the projects or program before they arise.

    • Resolves problems in case of conflicts in priorities between projects or between departments.

    • Minimize operational risks, e.g. during migration phase.

  • Project Préparation :

    • Development of project deliverables and definition of project milestones;

    •  Automation of the roll-out through the preparation of site survey forms, site acceptance documents, etc.
    • Documentation of solution in project notes, templates, ...;
    • Analysis of subtasks to implement projects, performing limited design activities;
    • This task requires occasional on-site presence.
  • Project Implémentation :

    • Implementation of the project in close collaboration with Datacom Field Operations team and contractors; the Field Operations Team is the main actor on-site

    • Provide necessary support to Field Operations team by performing some administrative tasks:

      • Reservation of equipment
      • Order of power supplies
      • Order or reservation of communication lines (fibre/copper/etc.)
    • Follow up of acceptance tests and occasional audits in close collaboration with Field Operations team,
    • Act as single point of contact for project implementation issues,
    • This task requires occasional on-site presence.
  • Project Progress reporting :

    • Project follow-up to support the Field Operations team;

    • Progress reporting in close collaboration with Field Operation team and Datacom architects;
    • Progress reporting exchange with other departments.
  • Support of Datacom Governance : 

    •  Contribute to continuous improvement of guidelines, work methods, templates and tools for documentation, ticketing, project management, resource planning, etc. (participate in experience feedback, identify best practices, ...

Additional Information:

The Datacom department is in charge of:

  • the datacom transport network for our customer IP networks and IT networks in general. They has an extensive network of fibre and copper cables, supplemented by rented connections. The technologies in use include PDH, SDH, DWDM, FC and IP/MPLS,

  • The IP/Ethernet/WiFi networks used for telephony and core business needs (office network, real-time network, …) in all of administrative sites, data centres and dispatching offices,

  • direct IP connections with other electricity transport, distribution and generation utilities,

  • Internet Connections,

  • the protection and securing of networks with firewalls, DMZs (Demilitarised Zones), VPN concentrators, and similar, 

  • The networks connecting high-voltage substations and data centres for purposes of remote surveillance, telephony, meter readings, consulting disturbance recorders, ... These networks are also used for communication between the electrical protection devices at different stations. Work has already begun to migrate these networks from TDM technology (PDH, SDH) to packet-switched technology (Ethernet, IP, MPLS),  

  • Master Degree in Engineering (preferably in telecommunications), or have equivalent (technical) experience,

  • Must be able to assimilate new technical information quickly,

  • Must have strong analytical skills,

  • Must have strong project and program management and reportinf skills and experience,

  • Must have very strong written and oral communication skills,

  • Needs to be able to work independently and methodically,

  • Needs to be customer-oriented and cope well with stress,

  • Needs to be a team-player and willing to share knowledge,

  • Must to willing to continuously refine and broaden his/her technical knowled of networks,

  • Preferable have all-round theoretical, practical and operational knowledge of WAN and LAN networks and technologies: SDH, PHD, Acces (X.21, G.703, E&M), Optical Modems, SHDSL modems, Routing Switching, Fiber Cables, Copper Cables, Cabling Technologies, ...

  • English : Fluent

  • Dutch : Fluent

  • French : Fluent

  • Contract Type : Project

  • Duration : 6 months (Extensible)

  • Location of Project : Brussels


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