PMO Admin

Bruxelles, Belgium


PMO Admin

RealDev is a dynamic Technology and Management Consulting Group located in Belgium. Our teams have taken on multiple consulting projects, assisting in the development of leading competitors in various sectors.We are committed to finding efficient solutions for sustainable growth and profit.Our positive, motivated, and challenging team environment is seeking talented expert.

Job description

The role of PMO Admin requires various tasks to be completed efficiently and effectively.

These projects will assist in the growth, improvement, maintenance and safety of a business. Therefore, the candidate must be capable of providing professional value by leading and managing the end-to-end delivery of safe, on-time, and on-budget capital projects.

This is an opportunity to learn and grow professionally within our expanding organization, develop skills, and be part of an exciting breakout industry.

Within the Extra High Voltage System Development department, several projects are in the process of being launched. The company is searching for External support in order to set up the coordination structure and guide the risk assessment & mitigation exercise.  Two projects are listed below, but priorities might change during the course of this mission.


A new law concerning a Capacity Remuneration Mechanism is in the process of being voted by the Belgian Government.  This law enables a dedicated party to put in place a mechanism that compensates companies for having production capacity for Electrical power available (instead of getting compensated only for generated energy).

The implementation of this mechanism and the relatively short timings involved, have lead the company to set up a coordination structure and execute a detailed Risk Assessment. 

The company is analysing the feasibility of integrating a new type technology in its system development.  A project structure will be set up, for which a PMO support is required. 


Service description:

  • The consultant will take up the role of a Project Management Officer in these project:

  • Preparing reportings & slideshows for Project & Steerco meetings

  • Setting up the governance of the project meeting

  • Facilitating Risk assessment workshops, and managing the risk log

  • Follow up status of Risk mitigation plans

  • Maximally support project members in setting up risk mitigation plans

  • Follow up of status of client demands for new powerplants, create dashboards

  • Creating meeting reports and follow up of action logs

  • Planning of meetings;

  • A project manager from the company will be appointed to the project. 


Additional requirements:

  • Experience in project management and Risk management

  • Flexibility and able to work autonomously

  • Ability to coordinate multiple stakeholders

  • Excellent communication skills, particularly the ability to explain complex issues in a simple way

  • The consultant is solution-driven and pragmatic, but can keep the balance with strategic considerations.

  • PM Experience > 3 years (no overqualified candidates/young graduates)

  • Experience in the energy sector and technical experience are a plus

  • Dutch : Fluent

  • French : Fluent

  • English : Very good writing skills

  • Contract Type : Project

  • Duration : 8 months (Extensible)

  • Location of Project : Brussels


At RealDev, we are seeking to expand our team of experts by investing in individuals who are capable of taking on challenging projects. We’re offering exciting positions in a dynamic and professional company. Our positions provide great opportunities to develop your career while working in driven environments and industries with sector leaders.